How to Keep Cats Warm & Healthy in Winter

How to Keep Cats Warm & Healthy in Winter

To survive, cats must be in an environment with a specific temperature range. Keeping your cat warm will unquestionably aid in maintaining their wellness.

How to Keep Cats Warm & Healthy in Winter

Here are some quick tips on how to do this safely, continue reading.


Every kitten should always have access to some sort of shelter, no matter the time of year. Every cat should preferably be kept indoors and protected from freezing temperatures in areas with extremely low winter temperatures.


To keep your cat warm and comfortable, give them extra pillows and blankets. 

Heating Pads

The use of heating pads, of which there are many varieties, is another fantastic method of keeping a cat warm throughout the winter.


Plush cat caves, pod-style beds, insulated cat beds with roofs, wool, and even a cardboard box, if money is very tight, will all add insulation and keep your cat warm in the winter.

Bundle Them Up

Much like humans, cats will require additional clothing in the winter to stay warm and healthy, especially when going outside.


During the cooler winter months, a little increase in their calorie intake or in the volume of feed is acceptable. 

More Playtime

Increased playtime with your cat is another fantastic way to keep it warm and healthy during the winter. The goal is to get the cat moving, so consider interactive toys, laser pens, and cat trees.

Self-Heating Cat Bed

Self-heating cat beds are a great choice for making sure your cat has a warm, secure place to sleep and relax throughout the winter.