How To Tell If Your Leopard Gecko Is Happy

1. He reacts to movements and being touched

If your gecko responds every time you walk past the tank, he is alert and happy. He will especially be reactive whenever he is hungry.

2. His movements are smooth

Smooth movements show that your leopard gecko is relaxed and not scared. A peaceful gecko is a happy one.

3. He is active

If your leopard gecko explores his tank, goes back and forth between the warm and cool spot, and approaches the glass whenever he is hungry or sees you, he is likely really happy.

4. He has a healthy sleep cycle

Happy geckos tend to sleep quite a bit. So, you should not be alarmed just because your gecko seems to sleep more than other animals in your home.

5. He eats a lot

A happy gecko loves to eat. If your gecko looks forward to his meal and lets you know when he is hungry, you can trust that he is a happy and healthy boy.