How To Tell If Your Rabbit Likes You

How To Tell If Your Rabbit Likes You

Rabbits can be great companions, but it can be hard to tell if they like you or not. Here are some tips to help you understand your rabbit's behavior and tell if they enjoy your company.

1. Licking and grooming

Rabbits show affection by grooming and licking their owners. If your rabbit grooms you or licks you, it means they trust you and enjoy your company.

2. Binky 

A binky is a sudden jump in the air, a quick turn, and a kick. If your rabbit is doing binkies, it means they are happy and feel comfortable with you.

3. Flopping 

Rabbits flop when they feel safe and relaxed. If your rabbit flops next to you or on your lap, it means they feel comfortable and trust you.

4. Purring 

Yes, rabbits can purr too! They make a soft grinding sound to show that they are relaxed and content.

5. Nudging 

Rabbits will nudge you with their noses to show affection or to get your attention. If your rabbit nudges you, it means they want to interact with you and enjoy your company.

6. Running Around Your Feet in Circles

Sometimes bunnies will greet their owners by happily running around their feet in circles. This movement can also be combined with binkying. 


Remember, rabbits are social animals, and they need interaction and attention to stay happy and healthy. Spend time with your rabbit every day, give them plenty of space to play and explore, and show them love and affection to keep them happy and healthy.