6 Indoor Activities for Dogs to Keep Them Fit in Winter

1.  Find It

This game is similar to hide–and–seek, but now your dog is searching for a treat you've hidden somewhere in your home.

2. Hide‐and‐Seek

This game is a great way to get the whole family involved, and it also does double duty practicing your dog's come–when–called behavior.

3.  Two Feet Up

This fitness game is all about building up your dog's hind end muscles by having them stand with their two front paws on some type of elevated platform.

4.  Sit Pretty

Asking your dog to "sit pretty" (or beg) works their core muscles and balance. Have your dog sit on a non‐slip surface like a yoga mat.

5.  DIY Indoor Agility Courses

Look around your home to find items and a safe place to create an indoor agility course for your dog.

6.  Play Mini-Fetch

If you have a nice, open space in your home, consider making it a play area. Make sure your pup has enough traction and won’t be crashing into walls or any of your belongings.