Inspirational Dog Training Quotes

Prevent what you can not control and control what you teach.- Duke Ferguson

It’s easier to steer than stop a dog.- Chad Mackin

Dog training is a never-ending process of evolving.- Ivan Balabanov

Always challenge, never overwhelm.- Chad Mackin

Learning is not an event. Learning is a process. -  Unknown

“Stubborn is a good thing. If they are doing the wrong thing they are stubborn. If they are doing the right thing they are ‘committed’ … just get them stubborn on the right thing. -Chad Mackin

Always give your dog the benefit of the doubt. - Martin Deeley

It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become.- Dr. Suess

When it comes to training a dog, 5 minutes a day Monday through Friday is better than 30 minutes on Saturday. - Martin Deeley

It takes as long as it takes. - Unknown

Just because a dog is not giving you the response you’re looking for, doesn’t mean he is a hard dog. - Ivan Balabanov

The only hard and fast rule Is, there are no hard and fast rules. - Captain Arthur Haggerty