Interesting Rabbit Facts You Never Knew

1. Rabbits live underground in the wild

They are most secure from predators in this location. They create complex tunnel networks by fusing their own tunnels with those of other rabbits. 

2. If it sounds like your rabbit is purring, they are, in a way.

Rabbits make a purring noise when they are delighted by rubbing their teeth together. Bunnies and cats both purr when they are typically comfortable and joyful.

3. Bunny Island sounds like a dream but it really exists

Ōkunoshima, a small Japanese island, is known as Rabbit Island or Bunny Island, where over 1,000 buns live and multiply.

4. Rabbit teeth never stop growing

As a result, many people mistakenly believe that rabbits are rodents.

5. They can live for up to 12 years

Pet rabbits can live between eight to 12 years. So it's good to think about whether you can look after them for this amount of time before getting rabbits.

6. Rabbits communicate using a secret code

When anxious, rabbits tense their facial muscles and alter their body position—signs you may miss if you weren't keeping an eye out for them.

7. Bugs Bunny wasn’t telling the truth

Although rabbits like carrots as a snack, they cannot and do not subsist solely on them. 

8. A bunny’s eyes are on the sides of its head

They have a nearly 360° view of their environment because of this. Although a rabbit can't see clearly in front of them, they can see what is going on behind them.