Is My Cat Happy? 10 Telltale Signs Your Cat Is Happy 

Greeting meows and conversation

Cats don’t meow to each other, but a happy cat will meow and talk to their humans. 


Most people know that purring is a sign that a cat is happy. It almost always is, but cats can also purr when they are in pain or stressed, such as at the vet’s office. 

Grooming in front of you

A cat who will come out into the middle of the room, throw up a leg, and begin grooming in front of you feels comfortable and at ease. 


Happy cats will play with their toys and with other people and cats. Stressed cats tend to hide, avoid interaction, and ignore or refuse to play.

Eating regularly

Happy and content cats have good appetites and enjoy their food. Many happy cats relish their treats and have routines with their parents around mealtime.

Snuggles, Cuddles, Lap Sits and Co-Sleeping

You’ll know your cat is happy if they show affection to you and want to interact with you. A content kitty loves scritches, snuggles, head boops, and lap sits. 

Greeting You

If your cat comes to the door when you get home, lifts her head and meows, or gives you a chirrup to say hello, she is a happy kitty.

Arching their back when you pet them

When you reach to pet your cat, do they arch up to meet your hand? How about turn their heads toward you to get just the right angle for chin scritches? These are signs of a happy cat.

Tail Up

You can tell your cat is happy if their tail is straight up in the air, usually with a little curve to the end. Some cats’ tails even vibrate slightly when they are really happy and excited.

Relaxed Posture

A happy cat will be relaxed when around you. That means they will stretch out long and show vulnerable parts, such as their stomachs.