5 Most Dangerous Birds In The World

1. Ostrich

The flightless ostrich is the largest living bird on Earth. But the most important thing you need to know about this powerful bird is with one kick they could kill a human.

2. Southern Cassowary

Southern cassowary is probably the most dangerous living bird in the world. It’s a bird which could definitely cause a fatal attack on humans.

3. Australian Magpie

If feel threatened, magpies would swoop and attack the intruders. It could end in severe skin or eye injuries.

4. Mute Swan

The cuteness of mute swans may force you to go near them. But keep in mind that they are aggressive and can pose danger to you.

5. Red-tailed Hawk

The powerful talons are the main weapon of red-tailed hawks. That’s what exactly you should be afraid of. Because red-tailed Hawks defends their territory fiercely.