Most Exotic Pets Owned By Hollywood Celebrities

 Kirstie Alley’s Lemur

Although Kirstie Alley does not own any cats or dogs, she does possess one of the priciest animals. Alley reportedly has fourteen of these little primates, which are native to Madagascar.

Slash’s Boa Constrictor

According to Reptile Magazine, Slash owns several snakes in his home and is fascinated by boas and pythons. In reality, he possesses a Pandora boa constrictor and many very large Burmese pythons as pets.

Vanilla Ice’s Kangaroo

People were unaware that the rapper had a kangaroo until Bucky escaped by accident. He also has a goat. The goat opened the gate with his head, and they both exited to run around.

Paris Hilton’s Kinkajou

Baby Luv, according to Jezebel, first garnered prominence in 2006 when it bit Hilton. According to reports, Hilton headed to the medical hospital after the event. The Associated Press reports that Hilton had a tetanus vaccine.

Tippi Hedren’s Lion

Throughout the 1970s, Hedren had a lion named Neil in her house. Neil once even slept in the same bed as Melanie Griffith, Hedren's teenage daughter.

Reese Witherspoon’s Miniature Donkeys

According to People, Reese Witherspoon has two miniature donkeys named Honky and Tonky. Pigs, goats, a horse, dogs, and chickens are among the several farm animals owned by Witherspoon.