10 Most Expensive Pets You Can Buy

1. White Tufted Marmoset—$2,000

They are the smallest monkeys in the world and are the hardest to train. They are found in the Amazon basin.

2. Kangaroo - $3,000

If you live in one of 13 states, including Washington, Illinois, and Texas, in the United States, you can legally own a kangaroo.

3. Rhesus Macaque—$4,000

Rhesus Macaques can weigh up to 17 pounds and are very inquisitive.

4. The Bengal Cat—$4,500

A domestic house cat and an Asian Leopard cat were crossed to create Bengal cats.

5. Toucan - $8,000

International exotic pet regulations limit the number of countries that allow Toucans, but if you live in an area with slacker restrictions, you can own the beautiful bird.

6. Capuchin monkeys—$10,000

The Capuchin monkey gained notoriety in the 1990's as the pet monkey Marcel on Friends and Spike in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

7. Hyacinth Macaw - $12,000

Similar to the Palm Cockatoo, the Hyacinth Macaw breed slowly, which has increased the cost due to its scarcity. A baby hyacinth will cost between $5,000 and $12,000.

8. Palm Cockatoo—$15,999

Palm Cockatoos have very slow breeding cycles and do not breed well in captivity.

9. Savannah Cat—$22,000

The product of a domesticated house cat and an African Serval, the Savannah Cat can weigh over 30 pounds and is extremely intelligent.

10. White Lion Cub—$138,000

Because they are so rare, price tags are high, and cubs sell fast. So if you're interested in purchasing a white cub, keep your eye on litters and act fast.