5 Must-Know Tips for Safely Hiking With Your Cat

1. Start indoors

A life of adventure begins inside the safety of your own home. Start training your cat to walk on a leash and harness by gradually introducing your kitty to her harness, then putting it on, and eventually attaching the leash.

2. Take it slow

It's best for your kitty to first feel the wind in her whiskers in the safety of your own backyard, patio, or other safe space close to home. When you're ready to hit the trails starting with a brief walk and working up to longer adventures.

3. Safety first

A well-dressed adventure kitty should always sport a well-fitting harness, leash, collar, ID tag, and a tracking device. You'll want to take into account any cold or hot weather gear that's needed, as well.

4. Have a recall plan

You can never be too prepared when it comes to taking your animal out into the great outdoors. Hiking safely with your cat should also include a plan if things don't go quite as planned.

5. Choose a quiet trail

When it comes to your first hike, it’s best to opt for a quiet trail so as not to overwhelm your feline friend. It’s also a good idea to look for one with a narrow trail as cats find these easier to stick to and follow.