8 New Year’s Eve Safety Tips for Dogs

Keep Your Dog Busy

Your dog may get excited about the festivities or startled by the noise and light, so it’s helpful to keep them busy and distracted.

Keep Your Dog Indoors

Before any festivities begin and the fireworks start, make sure your dog is indoors and can’t escape outside.

Keep Harmful Food and Drinks Out of Reach

Alcohol and sugary treats are harmful to dogs, so try to keep them out of reach or in a designated area.

Provide a Safe Haven for Your Dog

While your dog is indoors with you, it’s crucial to create a space or haven that will help it feel safe.

Exercise Your Dog During the Day

Ensuring your dog has had enough exercise during the day will help tire it out. This could include a long walk, a swim, or some fun games in the yard.

Stay Calm

Your dog looks up to and admires you and feeds off your energy. By remaining calm throughout the day, your dog will also feel calm and safe.

Provide Some Noise to Drown Out the Sound of Fireworks

You can help drown out the sound of fireworks by providing white noise. You can leave the television on, keep a fan going, turn on the radio, or play calming music.

Clean Up Firework Debris and Decorations

Even after New Year’s Eve, you should not let your dog outside right away. If you have set off fireworks and have decorations lying on the ground, clean them up before you allow your dog outside.