New Year's Resolutions For Dogs And Their Owners

1. Cut out the junk food

Feeding your dogs human food that’s high in fat, sugar, or calories can cause obesity in pets and secondary problems like arthritis and diabetes. Make a resolution to dial in your dog’s nutrition in 2023.

2. Step up your dental game

If you're looking for a dog-friendly New Year's resolution, start simple by resolving to practice better dental hygiene. To say no to bad breath, cavities, and gum disease.

3. Learn something new

Learning is a fantastic way for both dogs and humans to keep their minds sharp, so try picking up a new skill for the New Year.

4. Invest in self-care

From holistic therapies like acupuncture for dogs, to soothing baths and leisurely sunset strolls, find a way to invest in self-care this upcoming year.

5. Unleash your creativity

Keeping pets happy during COVID-19 lockdowns requires some ingenuity. If things are feeling a little stagnant at home, make it a goal to play with your pup creatively.

6. Practice "health is wealth"

Make health a priority this year with a pet wellness plan that can offset costs such as wellness checkups and preventative therapies.

7. Be more adventurous

Plan some thrilling excursions for your dog and yourself this year by exercising your creativity to the fullest. 

8. Become more organized

Getting more organized is a tried-and-true New Year’s resolution, but give it a twist this year by involving your pet.

9. Get involved with a charity

You could lend a helping hand to your favorite rescue organization, volunteer at a local animal shelter, or get involved with a charity for pets.

10. Plan ahead for the future

Be proactive in 2023 by enrolling in a pet insurance plan that provides a financial safety net in case you’re faced with expensive vet bills that are hard to afford.