Top 8 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Pet in 2023

1. Focus on Preventative Care

A vital step in maintaining your dog or cat's health in top condition is taking them to the vet once a year, or even more frequently if they are particularly young or older pets.

2. Prioritize Dental Care

Aside from the occasional dental chew, teeth cleaning is one of the things many pet owners admit neglecting.

3. Commit to More Training

Training is about more than correcting bad behavior—it can help improve communication between owner and dog.

4. Improve Your Pet's Diet

A pet’s food is a key element of their health, and all pets should be fed a consistent, balanced, and veterinarian-approved diet.

5. Add Extra Enrichment Activities to Your Pet’s Day

Regular enrichment is essential for a happy, healthy pet and has been shown to reduce stress, prevent boredom, and reduce unwanted behaviors by providing physical and mental stimulation.

6. Help Your Pet Get More Exercise

Many humans commit to exercise goals in the new year, so why not include your built-in workout buddy?

7. Stay on Top of Parasite Control

Heartworm and flea and tick medication are important parasite control medications that your pet should take regularly.

8. Learn a New Trick

Tricks are a fun form of enrichment and training that can impress your friends and family. If your dog has mastered sit, stay, and lay down, you can level up to kiss, speak, and spin.