12 Pet Trends We’ll See Everywhere in 2023

Pet Trends We’ll See Everywhere in 2023

2023 is just around the corner, and with it comes a whole new world of trends in the pet industry. From tech-savvy gadgets to eco-friendly products, here are 12 pet trends we'll be seeing everywhere in the coming year:

1. Personalized pet products

These are pet products that can be customized with your pet's name, photo, or other personalization options.

2. Smart pet toys and gadgets

These are high-tech toys and gadgets that can be controlled by a mobile app, remote control, or voice commands.

3. Eco-friendly pet products

These are pet products that are made from sustainable or environmentally-friendly materials.

4. Pet subscription boxes

These are monthly subscription boxes that contain various treats, toys, and accessories for your pet.

5. Pet-friendly home decor

These are home decor items that are designed with pets in mind, such as scratch-resistant furniture and pet-friendly flooring.

6. Wearable tech for pets

These are high-tech gadgets that can be worn by your pet, such as GPS trackers, fitness trackers, and cameras.

7. Human-grade pet food

These are pet foods that are made from human-grade ingredients and are considered to be of higher quality than traditional pet foods.

8. Social media influencers for pets

These are pets that have gained a large following on social media platforms and are often used as brand ambassadors for pet products.

9. Virtual vet consultations

These are remote consultations with a veterinarian that can be conducted via video chat or phone.

10. DIY pet grooming

These are grooming techniques and tools that pet owners can use at home, such as pet grooming kits and online tutorials.

11. Health and wellness tracking for pets

These are tools and apps that can be used to monitor your pet's health and wellness, such as activity trackers and nutrition apps.

12. Body Leashes

Designed to stand up against the elements, these hands-free leashes make excursions like hikes or social walks much smoother.