Pets as Gifts: Important Factors to Consider Pre-Present

Giving Pets as Gifts: Think Twice

For the holidays or a birthday, it can be tempting to give a cute, cuddly pet as a gift. Yet along with the precious purr that won't quit or the fluffy tail that never stops wagging, there comes a commitment to another life for the next 10, 15, even 20 years.

Giving Pets as Gifts: Think Twice

 If you're thinking about giving a pet as a gift, the experts offer these tips to help you make sure that that gift is actually a good idea.

1. Give friends and family a pet as a gift -- but never as a surprise

If you are thinking of gifting a pet this holiday season, make sure the recipient is ready to add a new member to their family and make that commitment.

2. Give pet as gift to immediate family only

A buddy might occasionally accept a pet as a gift if they just lack the ability to refuse. That is one of the reasons  we advises only presenting pets as gifts to your personal family, such as your spouse or children.

3. Avoid impulse

Whether you want to give a pet to the kids or to a friend, don't do it on impulse. If you're going to the store for a quart of milk and you see a child out front with a box of cute kittens or puppies, resist. 

4. Pay the pet's adoption fees

Once you know your recipient wants a pet, tell them you'll pay the shelter's adoption fees for them in advance. If ultimately they decide against adopting a pet, you'll have made a much-needed donation to a shelter in their name.