5 Reasons Why Cats Like Christmas Trees so Much

1. New Toys to Play With

Shiny balls that reflect the lights on your tree can be a lot of fun for your cat to play with because it will perceive them as many laser pointers.

2. The Thrill of the New

Christmas trees appeal to curious cats due to their intriguing textures, needles, and bark, as well as the outdoor scents they release.

3. Sharpening Their Claws

Cats are known for their sharp claws, which they use to scratch and climb. On Christmas trees, they can sharpen their claws by scratching the tree’s surface.

4. Climbing Up High

Cats love to climb more than anything else, and in the wild they prefer to climb large, green trees. A Christmas tree is the ideal cat tree for your feline, whether it is genuine or fake.

5. A New Hiding Place

Felines like to hide. To your kitty, it isn’t a Christmas tree—it’s a new place to take cover.