10 Reasons Why Cats Make Better Pets Than Dogs

1. Owning a Cat Is More Affordable

While buying a specific breed of cat can be expensive, generally, adoption fees are lower for kittens and cats than they are for puppies or dogs—particularly during kitten seasons or times when the shelter has a major influx of kittens.

2. Cats Don't Take up Much Space

Cats can happily live with you in a studio apartment and never want more. Even keeping a single dog needs a lot more space.

3. They Keep the House Clean

Cats are strikingly different from dogs in terms of their utility. They are notoriously independent and untrainable - as Rudyard Kipling would write, the cat is "not a friend, and [...] not a servant," but "the Cat who walks by himself".

4. Cats Are Easy to Take Care of

Cats can be indoor or outdoor and there is no need for walks. Cats do not constantly ask for human attention. But when you need it, the cat will provide it.

5. They Are Litter-Box Trained

You have to clean up dog poop by picking it up yourself. Cats can do their business in the litter box that is easy to clean. Also, it is much easier to potty train cats than it is for dogs.

6. Cats Quietly Creep Around the House

A cat will accept when you have to leave the house. On the other hand, most dogs get upset and destructive. This fact alone should override the contribution that dogs have made to human lives.

7. They Can Take Care of Themselves

Barking and growling are two of the main reasons for people relinquishing dogs to shelters in the US. With cats home, you will not have to worry about the neighbours complaining about your pet disturbing their peace.

8. They Can Take Care of Themselves

Cats are a species known for their independence. You can go to work for 8 hours straight and your cat may not miss you or at least make a mess of it.

9. Cats Are Better Ecological Pets

A study reveals that the area of land required to feed a medium-sized dog is 0.84 hectares annually compared to a cat which is 0.15 hectares.

10. Cats are Diligent at Grooming and Hygiene

Cats clean themselves, making cleaning them less of a pain. They don't have that anal gland issue the dogs have.