7 Reasons Why Hamsters Make Great Pets

1. Hamsters Don't Require Extensive Training

Unlike cats or dogs, hamsters do not require extensive training. No litter box training or obedience courses are needed!

2. They are Entertaining

From watching your hamster running around in his wheel to exploring supervised out-of-cage time, these furry little creatures are extremely fun to play with and can provide endless hours of entertainment.

3. Typically, Hamsters are Inexpensive Pets to Own

Once the initial one-time costs are covered, such as the cage, hamsters are relatively cheap to upkeep. You won’t be spending much per month on hamster food, treats, and bedding.

4. They are Smart

Hamsters can easily learn some tricks when playing on the floor. Once you’ve established a good bond with your hamster, why not teach it to follow a few commands, such as how to stand, jump, and do circles?

5. They are Small

Hamsters are one of the smallest pets you could have, so no need to have a big house or garden for them to run around in! Just make room for a decent sized cage and lots of toys, which should keep them entertained.

6. They are Clean

Hamsters like to relieve themselves in one spot in their cage, making it easy to clean out. They also like to clean themselves and are generally quite fussy about personal hygiene, constantly making sure their fur is clean and tidy.

7. No Shedding

Unlike many pets, hamsters don’t shed, so no need to get out the hoover to clean up the fur from the carpet!