5 Reasons Why Playing With Your Pet Is So Important

1. Rotated Toys Increase Stimulation

Renew your fur baby's interest in old favorites by changing up what items they grab from the top of their toy box. You can also hide a few popular toys in a different room and encourage your pup or kitty to find them.

2. Structured Play Improves Behavior and Bonding

When you play with your cats and dogs, you become the source for fun and happy feelings, so they want to spend more time with you. This also builds trust and improves bonding.

3. Effective Entertainment Is Easy on the Budget

Many cat indoor games and dog activities such as scent training hardly cost a thing and provide ways for them to use all their mental and physical abilities. 

4. Food Toys Put Pets to Work

While lazing on the bed, our cuddly buddies don't always seem like natural predators. But working for food taps into this instinct as purposeful play and mental stimulation.

5. Nature Tickles All the Senses

Most pups love to be outside, even for a little while, so build a dog-friendly backyard.