Best Scorpion Species Suitable as Pets

Best Scorpion Species Suitable as Pets

If you're looking for an exotic and low-maintenance pet, scorpions may be just what you're looking for. While not for everyone, scorpions can be fascinating creatures to keep as pets.

Best Scorpion Species Suitable as Pets

The most common pet scorpions aren’t particularly dangerous, especially compared to other scorpion species. Here are eight of the best scorpion species suitable for keeping in captivity:

1. Emperor Scorpion

One of the most popular pet scorpion species, the emperor scorpion has a docile temperament and is relatively easy to care for.

2. Arizona Bark Scorpion

The most venomous scorpion in North America, the Arizona bark scorpion is known for its potent sting. However, it is also a popular pet species for experienced scorpion keepers due to its unique appearance and interesting behavior.

3. Asian Forest Scorpion

This species of scorpion has a shiny black body with brown legs and tail. They are known for their aggressive behavior and require a large terrarium to thrive in captivity.

4. Giant Hairy Scorpion 

As the name suggests, this species of scorpion is large and covered in hair-like setae. They have a docile temperament and are relatively easy to care for.

5. Desert Hairy Scorpion

The southwestern region of the United States is home to desert hairy scorpions. As pets, they tend to be skittish but will assume a defensive posture if provoked.

6. Tanzanian Red-Clawed Scorpion

The Tanzanian red-clawed scorpion is from the same genus as the emperor scorpion. To be more aggressive and willing to sting than the emperor scorpion, so it is not recommended for beginners.