8 Signs that Your Cockatiel Likes You

1. She Has Warm Feet

If your cockatiels’ feet are warm, it is a sign that your pet bird is healthy and thriving. It also indicates that she is happy having you near her.

2. She Chirps at Your Approach

If your cockatiel starts to chatter, sing, or chirp every time you approach her, it is a sign that she is happy to see you. It is therefore important to pay attention to the cries of your cockatiel.

3. She Regurgitates Her Last Meal in Your Hands

This ultimate display of affection, despite being quite disgusting, demonstrates that your bird has chosen you as her partner and wants to feed you as a result.

4. The Feathers of Her Crest Are in a Normal Position

Watch your cockatiel’s crest feathers. The front of the crest should be relaxed, showing that your bird is comfortable in your presence.

5. Her Body Language Is Relaxed

Pay close attention to your cockatiel's body language. She might feel threatened if, for instance, she tries to flee whenever you approach her. 

6. She Smooths Her Feathers

The act of grooming is a display of affection among cockatiels. It's a wonderful gesture of love if she's doing it in front of you or, even better, if she's attempting to straighten your own hair!

7. She Trots Towards You with Her Head Held High

This corresponds to an invitation to play with her, to stroke her: she is clearly delighted to be in your company!

8. Her Tail Wags and Her Eyes Blink Incessantly

This is another sign that your cockatiel is excited by your presence; she even tries to flirt with you!