6 Signs You May Be Ready to Get a Cat

1. You’re financially prepared

Cats need things, and it's important that you're realistic about what you'll need to pay for and whether you can afford it.

2. You appreciate the importance of socialization

Placing a high value on socialization and understanding what it takes to raise a self-assured kitty shows that you might be ready for a cat.

3. You’re committed to creating a cat-friendly home

If you want to bring home a cat, be prepared to eliminate (and consistently watch out for) items that could poison or harm her, including certain foods, medications, cleaners, chemicals, plants and more.

4. You have time to exercise your cat

You may not take your cat out for a walk like you would your dog — although many cats can be trained to walk on leash — but exercise is more important than many potential cat owners realize.

5. You’ve accepted litterbox duty

Obviously, we love cats, but let’s be honest here: Litterbox duty is no one’s favorite part of cat ownership.

6. You’re prepared to make a long-term promise.

Many cats live well into their late teens, and some have even been observed to be healthy well into their 20s! Therefore, be certain that you are aware of the type of long-term commitment you are making.