Signs Your Animals Might Be Sick


A clue that your dog may not be feeling well is if they are acting drowsy, uninterested in playing, going on walks, or engaging in other activities they usually like.

Rough or Dry Coat

If your pet starts to lose fur, if it feels rough to the touch, or if they start to develop bald spots, these could all be symptoms of illness.

Odd Eating Habits

If your animals start skipping meals on a regular basis, there may be a problem. Similar to the converse, so when your dog seems to always be hungry and begs for food.

Excessive Thirst

If your animal begins chugging water and drinking way more than usual, it could be suffering from something like kidney disease or diabetes. 


If you own cats and dogs, you are aware that occasionally they will vomit. Your animals shouldn't, however, vomit more frequently than once every few months.

Sudden Weightloss

If your animal has lost weight and nothing has changed in its routine, then this could be an indicator they have developed a serious health condition.

Unusual Stool

The stools of a healthy pet will be wet, hard, and tiny. Anything that is too runny, too dry, or too dark can be a sign of a disease.

Cloudy or Red Eyes

Any eye discharge, including cloudy or red eyes, could indicate an injury or infection in your pet.

Scooting or Dragging Rear

The fact that our animals drag their bottoms could also indicate that they have diarrhea, diseased anal glands, or urinary tract infections.