12 Signs Your Dog Needs To Go To The Veterinarian

1. Aggressive or Unusual Behavior

Any time your dog behaves differently than usual, it's a sign that something is wrong.

2. Rashes or Skin and Hair Changes

Food and other allergens can cause many skin rashes, dry skin, and dull coats, but no one should allow their dogs to experience irritations and itchiness that never go away.

3. Wincing, Whining or Crying

All three of these behaviors are signs that your dog has been hurt or is in pain.

4. Poor Balance or Difficulty With Regular Movement

You should schedule a visit with the vet as soon as any adjustments to your companion dog's gait, movement, or balance are noticed. 

5. Irritated, Weeping or Red Eyes

Your dog's eyes may look different due to an infection or an irritation.

6. Vomiting or Changes in Stool

Continual changes in stool can indicate digestive inflammation, a blockage, serious allergy or disease.

7. Lack of Energy or Lethargy

Lethargy and a general lack of interest in more physically demanding activities can indicate that your dog is ill or is suffering from a medical condition that is affecting them.

8. Change in Eating Habits

Any deviation from how your pet dog typically eats justifies a trip to the vet. 

9. Difficult or Rapid Breathing

Every dog pants on a hot day or after exercise, but after a little rest or a return to moderate temperatures, they shouldn't have any trouble breathing.

10. Drinking a Lot or Too Little

Not drinking enough water or failing to pee can be signs of intestinal problems.

11. Extreme Pain

Don't let your dog suffer needlessly if they are showing clear signs of pain like vocalizing, panting, drooling, or a severe limp. Take your dog to the vet if they are in pain.

12. Hard Swollen Abdomen

It's never a smart idea to ignore signs of a bloated abdomen in dogs. If your pup is displaying signs of a bloated abdomen it's time to head to the vet because it's an emergency.