The Best Bird to Have as a Pet


Cockatiels are known for their easy-going personality and being friendly and affectionate. They are easy to handle, which means they are good with children.

Conure Bird

These tiny birds are noisier than the majority. Conures are renowned for being gregarious, active, and inquisitive. They enjoy being around people all the time.


These adorable little birds are low maintenance and don’t like to play that much, making them the perfect bird for introverts.

Canary Bird

Canaries are happy songbirds that require little maintenance. These birds, especially the males, are well-known for their lovely songs despite the fact that they cannot speak. 


Parakeets, or budgerigars, are one of the most popular pet birds. They are great for children or new bird owners, as they are friendly and affectionate.


The lovebird is the last bird on our list. The cute lovebird, one of the tiniest parrot species known to man, is a smart bird that is ideal for smaller living spaces, such an apartment or condo.


If you prefer a large pet bird that is friendly and affectionate, a cockatoo can be a great choice. These beautiful birds bond very strongly with their caretakers and prefer to be with them as often as possible.

Hyacinth Macaw

Known as "gentle giants," hyacinth macaws are the largest of all parrots. And as sociable and friendly birds, they love nothing more than to spend time playing and cuddling with their owners.