7 Of The Best Gifts For Cats This Christmas

1.  A cosy cat bed

Every pet should have her own special space to curl up and rest. It’s one of the most useful things you could give your cat at Christmas. 

2. A chasing toy

A chasing toy is they’re a great way for your cat to practise her instincts to hunt and toy with prey – which will help her to stay physically fit.

3. Cat puzzle games

As your cat must figure out how to gather the rewards, cat puzzle games give her a good challenge and help her develop her brain. It's a wonderful method to encourage your cat to apply her inborn ability to solve problems.

4. Tasty treats for cats

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a few festive foodie treats, and if we’re pampering ourselves with extra gourmet goodies, it seems only fair to indulge our pets as well. 

5. A cat Christmas stocking

A stocking full of cat-friendly treats is the perfect way to indulge your pet. You could buy one ready-made, or get creative and prepare your own by filling it with little luxuries.

6. The gift of grooming

If your pet requires extra care or you have an elderly cat who is having trouble, why not schedule a trip to a cat spa so they may indulge in a luxurious service like a paw massage, full-body groom, or cat facial?

7. Free gifts for your cat

Cash-strapped this year? Not to worry! The majority of cats enjoy an empty box just as much as whatever was originally inside it.