The Most Expensive Pet Birds In The World

1. Racing Pigeons - $1.4 million

Many people are ready to spend a lot of money to become the owner of one of these birds: in 2019, a particularly agile pigeon Armando was bought for 1.4 million dollars.

2. Hyacinth Macaws -$40,000

These South American birds are among the most beautiful on the planet due to their magnificent blue feathers and golden streaks around the eyes and beak.

3. Goliath Cockatoos - $16,000

Since these enormous black parrots, also referred to as palm cockatoos, are native to New Guinea, a portion of their price is probably due to the difficulty of transporting them there.

4. Toucans - $7,000

These large-billed birds are among the most colorful creatures on earth. While there are over 40 kinds to pick from, it will be rather costly to get each one.

5. Ayam Cemani Chickens - $2,500

Oneyam Cemani Black birds are chickens. Although it may appear unimportant and easy, the color permeates every part of their bodies, even their flesh and bones.

6. Flamingos - $1,500 

Nothing conveys to the outside world quite like a flock of flamingos outside your door that you live in the lap of luxury. 

7. White Peacocks -  $1000

These expensive and high-maintenance pets are not found in the wild, so you will need to get one from a breeder.

8. Scarlet Tanagers - $900

The Scarlet Tanager has a loud voice and is a medium-sized bird. Because of their incredible singing talents, these birds may fetch at least $900 from collectors.

9. Mountain Bluebirds - $800

There are three different species of bluebirds, but the mountain type is the most sought-after and expensive (costing about $800 per specimen).

10. Northern Orioles - $800

This migratory species is a voracious consumer of fruit, preferring incredibly ripe, dark fruits such as mulberries and cherries.