10 Things That Stress Hamsters Out

1. Stressful environment

A cage that’s too small and not spot-cleaned daily and deep-cleaned weekly can definitely cause your hamster stress.

2. Lack of mental stimulation

Your hamster can get stressed from being bored. You’ll need to ensure that you have enough toys to entertain your hamster, everything from chew toys to tunnels and hideaways.

3. Loud noises

This can be applied to almost any animal, as most mammals don’t appreciate loud noises.

4. Sudden movements

This can be sudden movements while holding them to just moving around the vicinity of their cage. This includes not allowing young children around your hamster unless they are calm and quiet.

5. New environment

This can either be due to bringing a new hamster home or moving or relocating your hamster to another space. For most pets and even humans, change can be hard!

6. Rough handling

When handling a hamster, your movements should always be gentle and slow. Talk to them quietly and calmly.

7. Lack of exercise

Hamsters have a natural instinct and need to run. Without the opportunity to exercise like this every night, hamsters will be stressed and unhappy.

8. Poor diet

Like all living things, hamsters need a good diet and constant access to clean water. Without the right food and clean water, hamsters will be seriously stressed.

9. Multiple hamsters

Hamsters are territorial, particularly with hamsters of the same sex. It’s best to keep your hamster by themselves — they won’t get lonely.

10. Not letting them sleep

Hamsters are nocturnal, which means they sleep all day and are up all night. What this means is that as much as you might be tempted to handle your hamster during the day, try not to do it.