9 Things to Know Before Getting a Pet Rabbit

Rabbits Can Live for 10 to 12 Years

Given that rabbits require a significant amount of daily and weekly care throughout their life, this may be the most crucial information to know about them.

They Like Being With Other Rabbits

Rabbits are social animals that rely on one another to survive in the wild. And since rabbits only speak rabbit, it helps them feel immensely more safe if there's another rabbit about.

Rabbits Need Exercise and Room to Roam

PetMD recommends a solid four hours of exercise a day for rabbits, which basically means that leaving them cooped up in a cage all day isn't the best idea.

You'll Need to Rabbit-Proof Your Home

If you don't have the space for a dedicated rabbit room or a large cage, giving your rabbit free rein of the living area may be your only option, and that means preparing the rest of the home.

They Need More Than Carrots

The common conception is that rabbits will just nosh on vegetables all day long, and some might want to do that, but providing your rabbit with a varied but healthy diet is important. 

They Require Unique Medical Care

The RSPCA recommends annual vet visits to check their teeth, to test for parasites and get vaccinations.

They Like to Cuddle—on Their Own Terms

They like to be stroked if it's done in the right way, generally low to the ground or on your lap.  You'll need to train them from a young age to become accustomed to cuddling; this doesn't come naturally. 

Rabbits Keep Their Own Time

Rabbits are crepuscular, which means they typically sleep during the day and the night.

Rabbits have unique personalities

Some rabbits are shy and will take more time to relax and feel comfortable in your home. But once used to people, rabbits can make fun, affectionate pets.