4 Things You Didn't Know About Pet Insurance

1. Pre-existing conditions aren't usually covered — except in one case

Pet insurance usually doesn't cover pre-existing conditions, so if your animal has a current health issue, it likely won't be covered if you choose to buy an insurance policy.

2. They work on a reimbursement model

When your pet receives medical treatment, you'll pay for it out of pocket at the vet's office. Then, you'll file a claim with your insurance company, which will process your claim and reimburse you for any covered costs.

3. The cost depends on the type of animal, breed and age

Breeds that are more prone to health issues or have common hereditary conditions will usually cost more than those that do not.

4. They don't cover preventative care (at least without an extra fee)

Unlike human insurance, basic pet insurance policies don't cover preventative services — like annual check-ups, vaccinations, spaying, neutering, or flea and tick medication.

Compare your options

Comparing multiple companies before choosing one to purchase your policy with will help you choose which one offers the best pet insurance coverage at the lowest cost.