8 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Ferret

1. Ferrets Need Friends

Generally, ferrets are social creatures who usually seek out the company of their human family or other ferrets.

2. Ferrets Get Into Everything

They burrow, dig and chew on everything — especially when they’re young — and they often steal and hide items in stockpiles in closets, under beds or in any secret place they can find.

3. Ferrets Need Lots of Exercise

Young ferrets love to chase toys, nibble on toes and generally get underfoot. If they aren’t allowed out of their cages, they tend to overeat and become obese.

4. Ferrets Should Be Vaccinated

In many of the states in which ferrets are legal, the law requires that they be vaccinated for rabies.

5. Ferrets Are Illegal in Some Places

Before you adopt or purchase a ferret, check on local laws. If you live in California, Hawaii or New York City, for instance, you’ll find that these fuzzy fellows are banned.

6. Ferrets Are Prone to Serious Diseases

Ferrets sold in stores in the United States generally come from one of two very large breeding facilities. As a result, they are extremely inbred.

7. Ferrets Are Carnivores

Wild ferrets typically hunt for and eat rodents and rabbits. Ferrets are exclusively meat eaters and are unable to digest plant material.

8. Ferrets Need Annual Checkups

Since ferrets commonly develop certain diseases, diagnosing these conditions early and implementing treatment sooner can help ferrets live longer and happier lives.