Tips for Taking Holiday Photos with Your Pets

Use a pro

If you're using a professional photographer, look for someone specializing in photos with animals. They'll have the tools and experience needed to create magic.

Pick a place where your pet is comfortable

Whether in your yard, at a friend's house, or out in nature, things won't go well if your pet is stressed. 

Lighting is key for a great photo

Ideal lighting is daylight. If that's not an option, warm artificial light is ideal. Last but not least, consider front and side lighting. 

Train a few key commands

Consider teaching your dog to remain, as well as how to sit, lie down, stand, and stand up on the hind legs.

Use backdrops and props for a bit of fun

Play up your pet's personality with props or backdrops. You can even try costumes if your pet is comfortable with them.

Try the natural approach

Not all photos have to be staged. Action shots are a great way to showcase your pet's personality and abilities.

Use attention-grabbers

Your photographer or helper can use toys and treats to get your pet looking in a specific direction, making a favorite facial expression, or performing an action.

Go with the flow

If you're hoping for a relaxed photo, don't set the photoshoot up during your dog's dinner time or your cat's morning zoomies break.

Keep it positive

It's easy to get frustrated, especially if you're in a time crunch or someone is waiting on you and your pet to hit the right pose — but stay positive, and be patient.