Tips to Keep Pets Safe During Extreme Winter Weather

1. Watch for Signs of Hypothermia

Both cats and dogs can suffer from this condition when temperatures drop, so learn the signs of hypothermia and how to treat it quickly during cold snaps.

2. Protect Your Pet From Frostbite

Your cat or dog will need extra attention when temperatures are super cold. Paws especially should be protected from the freeze, since it's the part of your pet's body that doesn't have protective fur to keep warm.

3. Be Careful With Salt and Ice Melt

As if the the threat of hypothermia and slick roads and sidewalks weren't enough, the chemicals used in common salt and ice melt can put your pet in danger of salt toxicity or chemical poisoning.

4. Take Care to Regularly Moisturize Your Pet's Dry Winter Skin

Just like us humans, dogs and cats can get dry skin in the winter time, especially when cooped up indoors as the temperatures drop. Luckily, caring for dry skin is pretty easy maintenance.

5. Supervise Animals Around Bodies of Water

Ice presents another incredibly dangerous predicament for curious cats and dogs who want to explore their surroundings.

6. Consider Weather-Appropriate Grooming

Our pets need their furry coats to keep them warm when the temps drop, so you may want to consider a longer hairstyle during the colder months of the year.

7. Prevent Dehydration Even When It's Cold Out

Always carry a bottle of water along with you for walks and make sure your pet is drinking enough at home and outside (and make sure their water bowl doesn't freeze over!).

8. Keep Your Pets Indoors

While most kitties are indoor cats, it's a good idea to keep pets of all kinds inside when it's cold out. Especially when temps start to drop below 30 degrees F.