10 Tips to Keep Your Dog Away From the Christmas Tree

1. Take Focus Off the Bottom of the Tree

Your dog will probably try to reach ornaments and other treats on the tree and eat whatever they can if they are within reach. 

2. Create a Tinfoil Tree Skirt

The majority of dogs dislike tinfoil since it is such an unfamiliar surface to them, especially if they have to walk on it.

3. Set a Bell Trap

Consider stringing bells around the bottom branches of the tree if you want to catch your dog tampering with it so you may rectify their behavior.

4. Utilize a Deterrent Spray

A great way to keep your dog from getting near your Christmas tree is to spray a dog-deterrent solution on it.

5. Set Up a Dog Baby Gate

Setting up a dog or baby gate around your Christmas tree will inhibit your view of the tree but will ensure that your dog cannot get too close to it at any time.

6. Avoid Glittery and Shiny Decorations

Avoiding utilizing these kinds of ornaments will make your tree less alluring to your dog and less likely for them to try to tamper with it.

7. Keep the Base of the Tree Clean

Fallen pine needles, ornaments, and other tree items can quickly become interesting to your dog. They are likely to grab the fallen items and take them away to a corner for closer inspection.

8. Work on Training

You can always train your dog to stay away from the Christmas tree, so you don’t have to use any other tactics or sacrifice your favorite decorations.

9. Keep Toys and Bedding Away From the Tree

If you expect your dog to stay away from your tree, you should make sure none of their bedding or toys are anywhere nearby.

10. Use Presents as Protection

If your dog is not interested in trying to rip presents open, you can use large gifts as a wall to protect your tree.