Top 10 Best Pet Spiders For Beginners

1. Wolf Spider

The wolf spider gets its name from its ferocious nature and protruding fangs. These invertebrates have eight eyes, long, hairy legs, and a characteristic spider look.

2. Jumping Spiders

Jumping spiders are considered the best beginner spiders. These little arachnids are quite small, short-lived, and are known for their surprisingly adorable appearance.

3. Huntsman Spider

The flat huntsman is a shy, social species found in colonies of up to 300 individuals. This is one of the few types of pet spiders that can live with others.

4. Orb Weaver

These enormous, vibrant, and amiable spiders create stunning, spherical webs coated with sticky silk to capture nocturnal insects. 

5. Chilean Rose Tarantula

Tarantulas are popular pet spiders because of their impressive size and wide availability from breeders. It is one of the best friendly spiders for beginners to start with.

6. Curly Hair Tarantula

This species is considered one of the best pet tarantulas for new owners because of its docile, shy temperament.

7. Mexican Red-Knee Tarantula

Owners love Mexican red-knee tarantulas for their unique appearance and relaxed temperament.

8. Crab Spider

One of the most unusual and attractive spider species you may keep as a pet is the crab spider.

9. Fishing Spider

Fishing species require more work than other pet spiders, but are still a rewarding pet to keep

10. Black Widow

The eye-catching nature of these spiders makes them particularly desirable to owners seeking a low-maintenance pet that yet attracts attention.