Top Christmas Gifts for Dogs in 2022

1. Dog Chew Toys with Treats

One of the best Christmas presents for dogs who spend hours alone while their owners are at work are treat dispensing dog chew toys made to withstand your puppy's chewing.

2. New and Unusual Dog Treats

One of the best Christmas gifts for dogs is if you can treat them to something new and unusual this holiday season.

3. Knock-About Dog Toys with Treats

Doggy treat dispensing pet toys that dispense kibble or small dry treats keep dogs occupied and moving.

4. Interactive Dog Toys

Interactive dog toys are excellent Christmas gifts. Interactive dog toys stimulate the dog’s mind, encouraging him to think about how to get a doggy treat.

5. Dog Christmas Gifts Every Month

Another one of the best Christmas gifts for dogs is the subscription for dog treat boxes. These monthly gift boxes for dogs are the perfect doggy Christmas gift that keeps the fun going all year round.

6. Pet Toys that Crackle

One of the finest Christmas presents for dogs that enjoy some noise stimulation but don't particularly enjoy high-pitched squeakers are crackle dog toys.

7. Doggy Toys with Squeakers

All dog owners should include squeaky dog toys on their holiday shopping lists. Squeak toys are appropriate for all dogs, even those who are rough with them and frequently have the squeaker taken out within minutes.