Top 7 Pet Care Myths

1. Your Dog's Mouth Is Cleaner Than Your Own

Unfortunately, dog’s mouths are no cleaner than the average human’s mouth. This is because both human and dog mouths have millions of bacteria and microbes.

2. Dogs Eat Grass When They Have an Upset Stomach

A survey of over 1,500 pet parents found that only 8% of dogs showed signs of sickness before consuming grass and only 22% of dogs that ate grass vomited afterward, indicating that this is not a reliable way for a dog to make themselves vomit.

3. Cats Only Purr When They're Happy

There is some truth to this myth. When cats are joyful, they frequently purr. However, your cat may also comfort herself when she is in pain or anxiety by making a soothing sounds like a cat purr.

4. Cats Can See in the Dark

If you were to block all light, your cat would be unable to see. However, cats do have better vision in low light conditions when compared to humans.

5. Cats Always Land on Their Feet

Cats unfortunately don't always fall on their feet, and it's never a good idea to presume that they will. 

6. A Warm, Dry Nose Means Your Dog Is Sick

There is a little truth to this statement, as wet noses allow a dog to smell better, but a warm nose doesn’t necessarily mean that your pup is ill.

7. Dogs Are Colorblind

It’s long been thought that dogs are colorblind. However, recent studies have disputed this. According to the American Kennel Club, dogs can see yellow and blue hues.