Top 5 Pet Health Trends for 2023

1. Animal Gut Health

A reported 60% of pet owners would like the pet foods and treats they purchase to have a digestive health benefit.

2. Evidence-Backed Supplements for Wellbeing

ADM reports that 57% of global pet owners say health claims are important when choosing pet food to purchase.

3. Innovative, “Humanized” Products

More than 80% of owners monitor whether their pets like the taste of the products that they purchase. Fun and playful foods in eye-catching colors, exciting flavors and interesting shapes are on-trend.

4. Personalized, Targeted Pet Care

Customized nutrition strategies that cater to an individual pet’s specific needs can enhance development and healthy aging. Research finds 88% of U.S. pet parents say it’s important to take preventative measures to protect pets’ health.

5. Planet-Friendly Ingredients

Modern pet parents are shopping for high-quality, responsibly produced foods for the entire family. Over 42% of pet owners say they want to purchase pet food with sustainably sourced ingredients.