Top Pet Snakes To Have

Corn Snake

The trusty corn snake is an incredibly popular species in the pet trade. Revered for their docile nature, this is one of the best pet snakes for beginners.

Milk Snake

Milk snakes are another brightly colored pet snake species that can add tons of beauty to the right enclosure. Typically, they have stripes of red, black, and yellowish-orange.

Children’s Python

These snakes make for some of the best pets because they may thrive in terrariums that aren't too big. Males and females can live together without any problems, in addition.

Western Hognose Snake

These are good pet snakes because they’re usually very docile in captivity. However, they can exhibit some alarming behaviors when caught off guard!

California Kingsnake

The California kingsnake is for you if you enjoy all things eerie and enigmatic! This stunning species has white and black or dark brown stripes all over it.

Kenyan Sand Boa

If you want the experience of caring for a boa constrictor but aren’t ready to own a pet snake that large, you can try the Kenyan sand boa.

Rough Green Snake

The rough green snake is one of the most accessible types of pet snakes on the market. The snakes are sold at a very low price. 

Hog Island Boa

The Hog Island boa is one of the best pet snakes that many owners dream of owning. They’re smaller than common boas.