Top Questions to Ask a Breeder Before Buying a Rabbit 

1. What breed is the rabbit?

If you go to a breeder who specializes in just one breed, this query can seem apparent. But it's always a good idea to check again.

2. How much will the rabbit cost?

To avoid being caught off guard, you should be aware of the price of your new rabbit before visiting, but it's always a good idea to double-check before committing to pay anything.

3. Is the rabbit socialized?

If you have children, other pets, or both, it’s important to make sure your new rabbit will be at ease around them.

4. Does the rabbit have a pedigree?

If you do plan to take your rabbit to shows or even start your own in-home breeder business, you’ll need to prove that your rabbit comes from good stock.

5. Can you meet the parents?

By inspecting the parents of the rabbit you plan to buy, you can guess what your future pet will be like.

6. How long has the breeder been raising rabbits?

Experienced rabbit breeders will have more knowledge about their animals and offer valuable insights to new pet owners.

7. What food does the breeder use?

For new rabbit owners, it’ll give you an idea of what to feed your new rabbit

8. When is the rabbit’s birthday?

Instead of asking how old the rabbit is, which can lead to unsatisfactory and vague responses, try asking for the rabbit’s birthday.