10 Toy Ideas Hamsters Love

1. Hamster Ball

They are clear plastic balls that come in different colors and allow your hamster to run around the floors of your house, which will give him plenty of exercise.

2. Hamster Wheel

Many hamster cages come with a wheel already included, but if your hamster doesn’t seem interested in it, or if it doesn’t have a solid surface, you should invest in a new one. 

3. Tubes

You can buy a variety of tubes that snap together and create an expansion to your hamster’s habitat.

4. Sand Bath

Wild hamsters originally lived in dry and warm places such as sand dunes, savannahs, and near deserts, so it’s natural that they’ll enjoy a sand bath.

5. Chewable Items

Hamsters are rodents – the word “rodent” comes from the Latin word “rodere,” which translates to “gnaw.” So, yes, you’ll need to find things for your hamster to gnaw on because their teeth continuously grow.

6. Climbing Toys

This could actually fall into the tubes/tunnels category since most tubes are designed for climbing, but there are a number of products out there that are unique and fun for hamsters to climb.

7. Hideaways

Hamsters love to hide in dark and cozy places, and because they are nocturnal, they will burrow in during the day.

8. Bridges

Bridges can be a fun way for your hamster to practice his balancing skills.

9. Hammock

Well, why not your hammy? This hammock is soft and cozy, and your hamster could sleep on top or inside.

10. Treat Toys

The free option can be just hiding some of your hamster’s treats around his cage, which he will have some fun looking for.