10 Homemade Rabbit Toy Ideas From Around the House

Homemade Rabbit Toy Ideas From Around the House

Making homemade toys for your rabbit can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your furry friend. With a little creativity and some items from around the house, 

Homemade Rabbit Toy Ideas From Around the House

you can provide your rabbit with hours of entertainment and mental stimulation. Give these ideas a try and see which ones your rabbit enjoys the most!

1. Cardboard boxes

Rabbits love to chew, so give them an empty cardboard box to destroy. You can also cut holes in the box for your rabbit to climb in and out of.

2. Toilet paper rolls 

These make great chew toys for rabbits, and you can stuff them with hay or treats for added fun.

3. Woven grass mats 

You can make these yourself by weaving dried grass or hay together. Your rabbit will love chewing on them and hiding treats in the gaps.

4. Plastic baby keys 

These can be found at most baby stores and make great jingling toys for rabbits to play with.

5. Paper bags

Rabbits love to play hide and seek, so give them a paper bag to crawl into and explore.

6. Wooden blocks 

You can make your own wooden blocks by cutting up scrap wood into small pieces. Make sure to sand down any rough edges.

7. Homemade treat balls

Take a small plastic container with holes, fill it with rabbit treats or pellets and let your rabbit roll it around to dispense the treats.

8. Apple tree branches 

Apple tree branches are safe for rabbits to chew on and provide a fun and healthy activity.

9. Sisal rope toys

You can braid sisal rope into a fun toy for your rabbit to play with and chew on.

10. Large rubber balls

Another great homemade toy idea for rabbits is large rubber balls. Rabbits will enjoy rolling the ball around and chasing it, providing them with the physical exercise they need.