Five Training Tips for New Kitten Owners

1. Train Your Kitten To Tolerate Handling

It’s important to get your kitten acclimated to handling and petting right from the start.  Hold your furry friend in different positions and practice restraining for brief periods.

2. Crate Train Your Kitten

The more your kitten learns to enjoy his crate, the easier it will be to secure your cat for travel in the future. Feeding meals inside of the crate is a great way to get him used to being in the enclosed area. 

3. Teach Your Cat to Sit

The more an animal is rewarded for a behavior, the more likely the behavior is to occur in the future.  To make problem behavior less likely, teach a base behavior, like sit, that is heavily rewarded from the very beginning.

4. Stop The Scratching

Scratching is natural for cats and helps keep their nails trim and healthy, but that doesn’t mean you must sacrifice your furniture.  Instead, provide your kitten with a scratching post.

5. Socialize Your New Kitten

Socializing early on will help your furry friend become comfortable with the people in your life. Make sure to have a safe, quiet area to escape to when needed.