8 Different Types of Hedgehogs 

8 Different Types of Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are charming creatures that have won the hearts of many people. They are known for their distinctive spines and cute faces. Did you know that there are actually many different species of hedgehogs?

8 Different Types of Hedgehogs

In this article, we'll take a look at 8 species of hedgehogs, from the African pygmy hedgehog to the eared hedgehog.

1. African Pygmy Hedgehog

Popular as pets, these spiky little creatures have cute and curious personalities.

2. North African Hedgehog

Often found in arid or semi-arid habitats, these hedgehogs have a distinctive snout and can make good pets.

3. Southern White-Breasted Hedgehog

With a white belly and black-tipped spines, these hedgehogs are nocturnal and like to burrow.

4. Indian Long-Eared Hedgehog

Found in India, Pakistan, and Nepal, these hedgehogs have short, stout legs and can be difficult to find in the wild.

5. Long-Eared Hedgehog

As their name suggests, these hedgehogs have long ears and can make chirping noises when communicating.

6. Amur Hedgehog

Also known as the Manchurian Hedgehog, these spiny creatures are found in Russia, China, and Korea.

7. Somali Hedgehog

Endemic to Somalia, these hedgehogs have short spines and are known for their strong sense of smell.

8. Hugh's Hedgehog

Native to China and Vietnam, these hedgehogs have long spines on their back and a furry underside.