5 Types of Pet Geckos

1. Crested Gecko

These geckos have grown to be among the most well-liked gecko pets available today. They are very  playful nature and easy maintenance needs.

2. Leopard Gecko

The most well-known pet geckos for a very long time were leopard geckos. Although captive breeding programs have produced leopard geckos without black spots or even with orange colouring.

3. Gargoyle Gecko

Also endemic to New Caledonia, the gargoyle gecko is a stunning species of gecko, with similar care requirements as the crested gecko mentioned above.

4. Madagascar Day Gecko

If you decide on this species of gecko as a pet it is best to remember that they are more of an ornamental species and prefer to be appreciated through the glass and not handled. 

5. African Fat Tail Gecko

The smaller size and adaptability to captive environments make them excellent reptile pets. Many species have been captively bred within the United States for decades making them easily accessible to the first time gecko keeper.