Useful Tips on Caring for a Sick Pet

1. Attend to Your Pet’s Medical Needs

Exactly follow the directions on the prescription; 3 tablets a day means taking 1 tablet every 8 hours.

2. Rethink Food and Feeding

Ask your veterinarian if there are any restrictions on what the animal can eat. Then serve small amounts frequently.

3. Keep Them Clean

A sick pet frequently has little desire to groom itself. Give them a helping hand with a gentle daily brush and wipe their eyes, lips, and ears with damp cotton balls.

4. Provide Beneficial Bedding

At least once every hour, make sure they are lying on a different side. This stops blood from collecting in the lungs and leads to problems like hypostatic pneumonia.

5. Maintain Your Pet’s Quality of Life

Make sure to play with them and spend time grooming them numerous times each day. Play games like "hunter the treat" and give them toys and chews.

6. Communicate

Don’t ever forget that we are a team in your pet’s recovery. Letting us know how things are going, expressing concerns, and asking for advice is key.