5 Ways to Get Your Dog to Be Happy About Going to the Vet

1. Get Your Dog Used to Being Handled

You can start doing small things at home to get your dog used to the feeling of a vet exam. First, familiarize yourself with the process of a basic vet examination. Then, conduct your own version of it at home.

2. Find the Right Veterinarian

Choosing the right veterinarian can be a bit overwhelming, but you must take your dog's opinion into consideration. Do the staff members and veterinarian love interacting with your pet? Are they friendly and cheerful to pets and people?

3. Give Lots of Yummy Treats

If your dog is like most dogs, he loves food. Arm yourself with his favorite treats every time you go to the vet. Ask your vet to get out the good treats as well.

4. Keep Yourself Calm and Relaxed

Your dog is deeply intuitive about your emotions, thanks to the close bond you share. Your own feelings of anxiety, stress, or fear can be easily perceived by your dog.

5. Visit Just for Fun

Ideally, you will get your dog used to the vet before he actually has a health problem. Done right, your dog may actually get really excited about the vet’s office.