5 Ways To Safely Celebrate With Your Pet This Holiday Season

1. Keep pets warm and dry

As the weather gets colder, pets may need a few extra layers to stay comfortable and safe while outdoors. Booties can help prevent a pup’s paws from getting ice in them and offer protection from salt-treated walkways.

2. Consider gift wrapping to be a hazard for dogs

For some pets, the holidays are ideal when the presents are wrapped and tied with ribbons. Remember that swallowing these substances can irritate your stomach or even cause a blockage.

3. Opt for pet-friendly decorations

It's important to keep many beloved holiday decorations out of pets' reach. Mistletoe, pine needles, ivy garland, holly, lilies and poinsettias can be toxic to pets when consumed.

4. Be aware of toxic holiday foods

Avoid common holiday foods including chocolate, ham, grapes, raisins, grape juice, coffee, alcohol, onions, some spices, and sweets, especially those containing xylitol.

5. Prioritize pet health and wellness

Including pets in holiday rituals may include taking them on a road trip, seeing new people, or lodging in strange places—all of which might make them feel anxious.

5. Prioritize pet health and wellness

It’s important to keep your pet’s mental health top of mind during the holiday season and year-round.