10 Ways to Throw a Safe and Special New Year's Eve Party for Dogs

1. Bake Festive Treats to Serve

No celebration (OK, day) would be complete without treats. You can whip up some cranberry oatmeal dog cookies and chicken bacon dog biscuits or keep it simple with sweet potato dog treats and peanut butter banana treats.

2. Invite Your Dog's Besties

Ring in the New Year with your dog's favorite pups and people. While it may be tempting to "go big or go home" when it comes to the guest list, it's best to keep it to about a handful of friends your dog is already familiar with.

3. Assemble Timeless Goodie Bags for Pets and Humans

Party favors that are thoughtful and useful will always be in style. Give all dogs and their owners a reason to smile and help them get ready for the new year with thoughtful presents.

4. Count Down to the New Year With Thrilling Toys and Activities

A few ideas to keep your doggy guests engaged include: – An indoor agility course – Puzzle toys – Interactive toys – DIY snuffle mats

5. Skip the Noise Makers

Dogs have keen senses, hearing included. With hearing that's far superior to ours, loud, random sounds can inevitably cause stress.

6. Create a Safe Space in Your Home

Sudden fireworks booming music Holiday commotion These noises can be distressing and overpowering for our cherished dogs.

7. Decorate With Dog-Friendly Decor

When decorating for your doggy NYE party, remember that if something looks interesting enough to a pup, there's a strong possibility it can be used as a chew toy.

8. Keep Human Food and Drinks Away from Dogs

When celebrating the New Year, make sure to keep toxic foods out of reach, including: – Alcohol – Chocolate – Xylitol – Caffeinated drinks – Peppermint – Grapes and raisins

9. Make a DIY New Year's Eve Photo Booth

What better way to capture some final memories of the year with your best pal than with a super cute photo booth? Set up your very own photo booth with a backdrop, lighting kit, and tripod to get started.

10. Reminisce and Make New Year Resolutions With Your Canine Companion

Invite all pet parents to think about what they'd like to focus on or do more of with their pups. This is a fun way to brainstorm resolutions for the new year and get off on the right foot—er, paw.